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Differentiation is keyWhether you want to extend your organization or whether you intend running a new business you always need an accurate landscape of the sector.

Who, what and how – that’s questions you always should know the answer. We help you to get them – professionally.


If you consider your shelf presence need improvements, we have the right partners ready to help you with professional merchandising services.



Every investment process means resources allocation. Feasibility Studies and Business Plans magnify some cost-benefit elements really helpful for taking the right decisions, both for investors and managers.

Investment decision brings questions about financing. How - and most important - who finances the project. The money may pour from different channels – non-refundable (structural instruments – the role and destinations for those funds are defined by Regional Operational Programme), refundable (banks or financial investors) or a mixture of them. After selecting the financing method come the hard works of explaining the plans, describing the market, evaluating the financial data and so on. This is the process of elaborating the Feasibilities Study and Business Plan.
Important note for investors: different institution means different demands and different demands means different versions – some of them with very few similarities.


Our services are guarantees for excellent materials means they comply with all of the requests set for eligible materials. In brief, an eligible material has to thoroughly research the following: Setting the Objectives, Identifying the Project, Options and Feasibilities Analysis, Financial Analysis, Economical Analysis, Multicriterial Analysis, Risk and Sensitivity Analysis.

A Project is not finalized without an excellent implementation. Everybody knows the implementation makes the difference. All you need is our experience materialized in knowing the procedures and the paths.


We really think the project is not finalized until the client have experimented the change, until the new methods or knowledge have taken place.


The solution generically named “Gamma Consultancy” describes the answers we offer in this area.

We offer consultancy for structural instruments financed projects.


S.O.P. - Technical Assistance (English; 421 KB; Adobe PDF format)

S.O.P. - Administrative Capacity Development (English; 324 KB; Adobe PDF format)

S.O.P. - Transport (English; 5.07 MB; Adobe PDF format)

S.O.P. - Increase of Economic Competitiveness (Second Draft) (English; 992 KB; Adobe PDF format)

The SAPARD programme and its subsequent EAGGF is an area where we have expertise. We elaborate and implement important projects for private sector (vegetable and animal farms, meat processing units, facilities for complete servicing of fruit and vegetables) and also for public authorities.

This is a new complex concept though compulsory known by local authorities who need to access structural funds.