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After finishing the phase Alpha, the investor is able to apply for financing (reimbursed or not). By helping with the following necessary steps within a lot of other deliverables you will soon be prepared to step in the next phase of the investment process.


This phase is the foundation of the investment and your future results depend entirely on the “good execution” we provide here.


  • Defining The Master Plan. Naming the objective. Setting the needs;
  • Arranging the tender, analyzing the offers and assistance in assigning the winning contract for the Technical Project’s elaboration team;
  • Topographical Study;
  • Specialty Studies (geo, hidro - technical, etc);
  • Technical assistance for setting optimal flow;
  • Permits, authorizations and licenses will be obtain based on documentations we do in this phase;
  • Assistance for receiving the Construction Authorization;
  • Feasibility Study;
  • Business Plan;
  • Assistance in dealing with banks or other institutions for getting the documents will prove the own financial contribution. In fact, that means we assist you to get a bank loan;
  • Other deliverables.
  • Assistance in filling in Financing Application;
  • Feasibility Study (if any changes are needed);
  • Business Plans (if any changes are needed);
  • Assistance in submitting documentations. Checking conformity;
  • Assistance in submitting Technical Project;
  • We verify the Technical Projects (through our collaborators)
    • Every aspects (specialties) will be checked and verified. This is a required step, in accordance with laws and is absolutely necessary for conformity.
  • Establishing contacts with equipment, services or construction works suppliers, in the name of the client. Assistance from the first day of negotiation to the final reception day. Have in mind we don’t substitute the client, he always is the leader and dealing the contract’s terms is easily understand his job;
  • Preparing procurement tenders;
  • Filling in and submitting the acquisition contracts.
  • Project implementation and assistance in renegotiations ff the financing contracts – if needed;
  • Filling in, submitting and assistance for approvals of the Payment Claim Files;
  • Supervising the works through appointed authorized inspector;
  • Filling in the documents for State Inspection for Constructions, according with legal provisions;
  • Obtaining the Book of Building.