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About Us

Magna Development is a company of professionals with long experience in operational and financial management.

The members of our team come from different sectors like HR, agri-business, environment management, sales and marketing, construction and public administration.

Searching for excellence keeps us together and motivates our activity.


Depending on the project developed, we integrate teams of professionals capable to respond to all of the investors’ demands. We collaborate with architects, constructors, engineers, professionals on HVAC, specialists on different agri-business sectors.


Generally, whatever the investment area, we are able to set up teams of professionals having only one scope: dealing with problems, solving them and finishing the jobs we are paid for.

There is tension at the heart of the relationship between most companies and their customers.


Companies are offering better deals than ever, literally the best bargains in history. It has never been cheaper to fly from A to Z, to make a phone call from Z to A or to buy IT infrastructure. Yet the more companies raise quality and lower prices — and the more they spend on ads and promotions — the less they seem to impress their customers. All the market research arrives at the same conclusion: There is a customer-satisfaction crisis across the economy.


Here we want to be: not necessary the best in business but the only ones doing what and how we do: creating customers satisfaction.

Invoices paid.

Missing this goals throw us in useless and unappreciated ways of work.

The company was set up in august 2004 by Catalin Mustareata and Catalina Barbu. The two were colleagues at EMBA studies organized by ASEBUSS in partnership with University of Washington.


At the beginning, the services offered by the company aimed only consultancy of management focusing on the elaboration of market studies, business plans and the change management. Further, answering at the clients needs, there were added financing components and then total management of the investment.


If at the nearly beginning, the company had only three permanent employees, the staff counts at the moment 8 persons, by these ones being added about 10-15 persons with different competencies (architects, auditors of project, technologists, site’s inspectors).


We provide our services to important companies in the business field. These ones chose to invest significant resources in enlargement or to create new capacities. Their success is also for us a reason for satisfaction – although is obvious that the merit is totally theirs.

We are permanently preoccupied by the maintaining of the activities in a modern and competitive environment.


The professionalism, the adoption of the better industry standards and the utilization of modern methods – these are the core elements that concern us permanently. For instance, we believe in the power of the internet, that’s why we don’t limit ourselves only to the communication through the meanings of instant messages.


The management of projects and the editing of texts on web platforms (Basecamp and Google Docs&Spreadssheets) became a routine for us. We trust the collaborative methods, the complete partnership with the client being the main way to memorable results.

Consumer Product Network   Investment Opportunity Study. Market Study, Business Plan   Food Services  
Consumer Product Network   Investment Opportunity Study. Market Study, Business Plan   Cosmetic Services  
DeVis Constructii   Feasibility Study
“Production line for metal profiles”
Market Study, Business Plan, Support for attracting the funds
Agraria   Feasibility Study- Opportunity for setting an ecological milk collection system.
Market Study
Automedia   Study for Implementation of a Compensation Scheme Based on Results.
Motivational Schemes. Business Plan. Activity Procedures
Fraher   Modernization of a Milk Cows Farm.
The second project based on value in June 2006 SAPARD Session. Total Project’s Management
  Food Distribution. Agri-Business  
Carmangeria Godac   Modernizing and Increasing the Production Facility. Total Project’s Management   Food Industry    
Interfruct   Building New Facility for Complete Servicing of Fruit and Vegetables.
The first project based on value in June 2005 SAPARD Session. Total Project’s Management
  Servicing of Fruit and Vegetables  
3D Romania   Market Study on Facilities Management Industry,
Cleaning & Pest Control
Industries, ROMANIA 2005
  FM Industry  
Arcadia Engineering   Market Study on Construction Industry, ROMANIA 2005   Engineering and Architecture Services  
Meatteam International   Building Meat Processing Plant.
The second project based on value in June 2006 SAPARD Session. Total Project’s Management
  Food Industry  
Petrocart   Market Study – Tissue and Toilet Paper Industry, ROMANIA 2005   Paper Industry  
Eurex Alimentare   Fabrication Permits.
Preparing the Documentations.
  Food Industry  
Yuksek International Fruct   Building New Facility for Complete Servicing of Fruit and Vegetables.
The third project based on value in March 2006 SAPARD Session. Total Project’s Management
  Servicing of Fruit and Vegetables  
Batul Micro Impex   Building New Facility for Processing Fruits and Vegetables.   Food Industry    
Cildro Mobila   Environmental Study. Survey conducted to analyse the possible impacts and compensative measures.   Furniture Industry    

FEACO / ICMCI Code of Professional Conduct



A member will treat client information as confidential and will neither take personal advantage of privileged information gathered during an assignment, nor enable others to do so.


Unrealistic Expectations

A member will refrain from encouraging unrealistic expectations or promising clients that benefits are certain from specific management consulting services.


Commissions / Financial Interests

A member will neither accept commissions, remuneration, nor other benefits from a third party in connection with recommendations to a client without the client's knowledge and consent, nor fail to disclose any financial interest in goods or services which form part of such recommendations.



A member will accept only assignments which the member has the skills and knowledge to perform.


Conflicting Assignments

A member will avoid acting simultaneously in potentially conflicting situations without informing all parties in advance that this is intended.


Conferring with Client

A member will ensure that before accepting any engagement, a mutual understanding of the objectives, scope, workplan, and fee arrangements has been established, and that any personal, financial, or other interest which might influence the conduct of the work has been disclosed.



A member will refrain from inviting an employee of a client to consider alternative employment without prior discussion with the client.



A member will maintain a fully professional approach in all dealings with clients, the general public, and fellow members.


Other Management Consultants

A member will ensure that other management consultants carrying out work on behalf of the member are conversant with and abide by this Code of Professional Conduct.

Calin Mustareata is the founder of the company. He owns an MBA-ASEBUSS and a master programme in psychology — Hyperion University. He acquired a special experience in the food industry, successfully occupying varied positions in departments of operations or sales/marketing, as well as the position of general manager in multiple representative companies for the above mentioned industry.


His competencies are in the following fields – Agriculture, Constructions, Trade, Human Resources with the specialization in the areas of Strategic Planning – Development, Logistic and Management of changement.


He managed the majority of projects in which the company was involved and the fact that these projects represented a real success both for us and especially for our clients recommend him as a very good and skillful strategy implementator.

Beside Calin, Catalina is also the founder of the company. She graduated the Faculty of Technologic Equipment for Constructions of the Constructions Institute in Bucharest. She has an EMBA-ASEBUSS diploma and she has also a certificate for shaper in RU field. She has occupied leader positions in some important media trusts.


She has also a rich experience in the areas of Services for business, Media and Communication Services, Human Resources and Trade.

Iulian has a peculiar experience with „numbers”. He graduated Mathematics Faculty in Bucharest. He studied Statistics and graduated also courses of Project Management and International Standards of Accountancy. He worked in food industry companies as a financial analyst and budgets coordinator.


He elaborated overtime ((over 7 years)) somewhere around dozen business plans. Some got funded by VCs, by banks or grants offered by some institutions and some [an insignificant number, he says] never got funded and died a silent death.


A few were for presented to the board. Most were accepted, a couple weren't. From this large experience, he developed the necessary abilities in order to edit the materials that the banks, the funds or the members of the administration councils want to see.

Adela is a counselor on the environment engineering. She graduated the Faculty of Land Improvements – Environment Engineering and the Faculty of Alimentary Products Quality Control. She graduated also the master programme, the specialization “Rural Engineering and Environment Protection” in the Faculty of Land Improvements – Environment Engineering.


For the moment, she’s post-graduated in the domain of “civil engineering” – Sanitary Engineering and Waters’ Protection Department, the Hydro-technique Faculty of Technical University of Construction from Bucharest. She’s a dynamic and perfectionist person, having doubtless qualities for project management (perfected qualities although through the graduated courses).

He graduated the Construction Institute from Bucharest; he is an authorized inspector and ANEVAR technical evaluator. He has also a certificate for civil, industrial and agricultural constructions; roads, bridges, tunnels, subways, tramways and aviation tarmacs; railways.


He has a rich experience in the public system, being successively the chief of Investments Service – Arges District Council, Vice-mayor in Pitesti (coordinator of technical and investments activities) and Manager of Urbanism Direction of Arges District Council.


As a building yard inspector, he coordinated over 15 investments projects both in civil constructions area as in the infrastructure one. Almost half of them are financed projects by European programs, this being a guarantee of his professionalism, but also of the fact that the European procedures, extremely complex procedures by the way, are perfectly appropriated by him.

Adrian graduated Thermal Machines Faculty – “Dunarea de Jos” University – Galati, specialization freezing technique. He graduated also some courses of Marketing, Sales and Projects Management. He’s one of the most respected specialists in this domain of industrial freeze, acquiring a long experience in key positions in companies as York International SA or Tehnofrig SA that recommend him as a authority in the domain.


Adrian has a special collaboration with our company, being an integrated part from all the projects where his expertise is required.

Dan is our interface with the authorities. He is responsible with the attainment of all kind of notices, licenses and authorizations. He is licensed in economy (Economical Studies Academy from Bucharest), in psychology and sociology (Bucharest University). He has a master programme in psycho-analytical psycho-therapies at Hyperion University from Bucharest and he also graduated specialized courses in Management Projects.


His rich experience as a psychologist and a sociologist is a very important ace in his work with the authorities, and from our experience we can also say that “if a door or a window can be opened, Dan comes in and solves any requirement”.